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Manteo, North Carolina

Michael Andrews, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor, USCG Licenced Master
ABYC Standards Certified, Third Party Fishing Vessel Examiner

Evan Andrews, SAMS® SA
ABYC Standards Certified

Serving the US North East
Cell: 252 202-3121

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Michael L. Andrews is an accredited marine surveyor (AMS #945) and has 37 years of experience in the marine industry. In these years he has gained much hands-on experience and knowledge in vessel operation, building, and repair. He is fully accredited with designation in yachts, small craft, commercial fishing vessels, and specializes in wooden boats.

Mike also has a variety of many other accreditations and certifications that are listed on this site. These accreditations and years of experience complement his ability to produce accurate and detailed surveys and reports. A life time of work and pleasure on all types of vessels is able to ensure a dependable and accurate evaluation of all marine projects.

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