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Manteo, North Carolina

Michael Andrews, SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor, USCG Licenced Master
ABYC Standards Certified, Third Party Fishing Vessel Examiner

Evan Andrews, SAMS® SA
ABYC Standards Certified

Serving The Entire US East Coast, The Gulf Coast & The Caribbean
Cell: 252 202-3121

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Michael L. Andrews is an accredited marine surveyor (AMS #945) and has 37 years of experience in the marine industry. In these years he has gained much hands-on experience and knowledge in vessel operation, building, and repair. He is fully accredited with designation in yachts, small craft, commercial fishing vessels, and specializes in wooden boats.

Mike also has a variety of many other accreditations and certifications that are listed on this site. These accreditations and years of experience complement his ability to produce accurate and detailed surveys and reports. A life time of work and pleasure on all types of vessels is able to ensure a dependable and accurate evaluation of all marine projects.

Evan Andrews is a dedicated and enthusiastic professional with the willingness to learn and become an educated resource in the marine industry. He obtained knowledge and familiarity with the vessels in his youth and marine surveying business through first-hand experiences and on-the-job training. He possesses the necessary skills for this profession such as problem-solving, technical writing, being flexible in the workplace, detail-oriented, reliable and time management skills.

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