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About Us

Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews is an Accredited Marine Surveyor® with SAMS and has over 20 years surveying experience. He is fully accredited with SAMS® with designation in yachts, small craft, commercial fishing vessels designations and a third-party vessel inspector. Mike also has a variety of many other accreditations and certifications that are listed on this site.

These accreditations and years of experience complement his ability to produce accurate and detailed surveys and reports. He also has 40 years of experience in the marine industry ranging from boat building to fishing.

Over those 40 years he worked for legendary boatbuilders such as Buddy Cannady & Ricky Scarborough and was factory captain for Davis Yachts along with performing commercial diving services, commercial towing and vessel repairs. In these years he has gained much hands-on experience and knowledge in vessel operation, building and repair. A lifetime of work and pleasure on all types of vessels is able to ensure a dependable and accurate evaluation of all marine projects.


  • Certificate of Graduation – Ft. Lauderdale, FL (1998)
    •  Nav Tech Marine Institute
    •  Completion of Marin Surveyor Course
  • Certificate of Graduation – Raleigh, NC (2000)
    • Triangle Insurance School
    • Completion of Adjusters Course
  • Certification Graduation – Orlando, FL (2007)
    • American Boat & Yacht Council
    • Completion of Standards & Technical Course
  • Certification of Course Completion – New Jersey (2014)
    • International Association of Arson Investigators
    • Completions of Technical Course


  • Licensed by USCG w/ 100-ton Masters License & Towing Endorsements 1984
  • Open Water, Rescue, Divemaster & Master Diver Certifications by NAUI 1986
  • North Carolina Commercial Fishing Licenses w/ Endorsements 1990
  • Licensed by North Carolina as Independent Adjuster 2000
  • Accepted by SAMS as Surveyor Associate 2002
  • Licensed by F E M A as Catastrophe & Flood Adjuster 2004
  • Accepted by ABYC as Standards Proficient 2007
  • Promoted by SAMS as Accredited Marine Surveyor # 945 2008
  • Promoted by SAMS with Commercial Fishing Vessel Designation 2010
  • Accepted by SAMS and USCG as 3rd Party Vessel Inspector 2013
  • Designated Expert Witness / State of Georgia 2013


Evan Andrews

Evan Andrews is also a fully Accredited Marine Surveyor with SAMS®. He was a Surveyor Associate for several years before he obtained his AMS status. To add to his accreditation, he also became ABYC standards proficient back in 2016.

He has been working in the surveying business alongside Mike since college graduation with almost 10 years of experience. Along with his years of surveying experience, he has spent a lifetime around boats and the surveying practices of Andrews Marine. He obtained knowledge and familiarity with the vessels and marine surveying business through his youth, first-hand experiences, and on-the-job training.

Prior to his surveying career, he attended North Carolina State University where he graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

He is currently a Master Mason at Manteo Lodge, Noble of the Sudan Shrine, and is a member of the Dare County Beach Bums.