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Condition & Valuation Survey

Inspection to determine the general condition and compliance with system and safety standards. Pre-purchase surveys include inspection of the vessel while hauled, sea trials and operation of systems on board. We survey all vessels despite their material or service.

Insurance/Damage Claims

Inspection of vessels that have been damaged and are being filed on their insurance.

Oil Analysis

We take a small sample of oil or coolant from engines, transmissions or generators and receive a report showing a breakdown of various metals and minerals present in the sample. This breakdown can show catastrophic damage to the units, saltwater leaks or metal wear.

Moisture Testing

Testing using a non-destructive meter which can determine if moisture is present in the coring material or under the fiberglass.

Ultrasonic Testing

Testing using a non-destructive meter which is used to determine the thickness of certain material, which we mainly use for metal, such as the hulls of steel and aluminum vessels. This is sometimes a requirement for USCG inspected vessels that are of metal nature.

Thermal Imaging

A high-tech camera that shows the temperature and temperature variances. This can be used for several purposes such as testing the engine cooling system, checking circuit breakers or can even help find moisture or stress cracking.

Consulting & Project Management

We can oversee projects such as new construction, restorations, refurbishments or repairs to ensure that the work being performed is satisfactory, follows code and is not costing you any more unnecessary spending.